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If you are moving and are still unsure where to start first, then this should be you’re first and foremost step: applying for changing your address. The entire procedure of officially changing your address to a new one will take a few days which will give you ample opportunity to finish your packing or start shifting. In this tech savvy age none has the time or patience to manually stand on the long queue and collect the form of changing address. This is where online facility comes to your aid. You can simply fill up the online form at your convenience. You can request to change address both for a temporary or a permanent address. Here we will discuss an extensive overview of how you can change your mailing address with all the consecutive steps so that you can relocate even more efficiently.

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Why it’s important to change mailing address?

Suppose you are relocating to another place. If you don’t change your address, all of your couriers, letters, mail and bills will reach the previous address and you will not be notified. Your bill payments will be due for which you may be sentenced to prison. Further your new lodging will not be officially authenticated. While it will be difficult for any person to contact you when necessary, jurisdiction will consider this illegal act as a crime. Only the suspicious people hide their address but a responsible citizen must inform the government about their location.

Also bear in mind that if you don’t change the mailing address it will not be authenticated. So you cannot use the new address in any sort of official form which will not be acknowledged without any proper address. In current scenario an address is an identity of a resident. If you don’t have any certification of address you may even be denied as a citizen of the state. Therefore if you want to avoid all these hazards you must change your address as and when you shift to a new one. This will help you immensely in the long run.

Types of methods for updating the address

There are two measures for updating your address –

  • Offline method – Those who are not accustomed to online procedure, can opt for offline one. Here you have to do everything manually which is a bit tiresome and time consuming.
  • Online method – This is more popular way of updating address. You can request to change address both as a temporary or a permanent one. Online facility reduces your physical work as well as it helps you in tracking the status of the work done so far. You simply need to fill up a form online and the rest of the procedure will occur as time progresses.

How to change address online?

Before you change the address make sure to inform your friends and family about it so that they stop sending anything to your previous address. Similarly after you change the address notify them once more so as to receive their mail in your new address.

Steps of changing address online –

  • Click on USPS.com/move in order to change your address.
  • This is the fastest way which will notify you with a confirmation mail instantly.
  • For online address changing you will require $1.05 amount of a fees for validating your identity.
  • You can use the following credit or debit cards which are eligible for any monetary transaction – master card, visa card, discover card, American express card. Bear in mind that prepaid or any gift card is not eligible for this purpose.
  • Once you are equipped with these items, put your email address and sign up to the site. This will create your unique id which you can use for further enquiry of status or any further proceedings.
  • If you are shifting from any military address then your email address should end with “.mil” or “.gov”.

Online transaction is made even more secured in USPS program. In order to avoid any fraud cases the system used a secure server and encryption technology. Further your credit or debit card usage too is verified with the help of OTP generation.

The online application mode of changing address permits a consumer to submit the change of address by using a third address for authentication. In order to avail this option you must ensure that the effective date of your shifting must be after at least 7 upcoming days so that you may receive this Move Validation Letter at your old address.

How to change address with the help of post office manually?

If you are not acquainted with online medium yet, you can easily take advantage of offline mode. Here you need to change your address manually and fill up a PS Form 3575. This form is available free of cost.

You need to submit this filled up form along with the required documents mentioned in the form itself.

For a successful completion of changing address and confirmation of your US postal address change, you will receive three distinct forms from USPS. These forms include the following:

  1. A validation letter for US post office address changing – You will receive it to your old address so you must not move before it reaches you.
  2. A confirmation of permanent change letter – You will receive it to the new address.
  3. A welcome kit – You will receive this one too in your new address. It includes various offers and coupons that are related to the new address.

Bear in mind that USPS procedure can take around ten working days to generate your mail to your new address.

Which method is best and easy to choose for updating the mailing address?

Now that we have discussed various methods of updating your latest mailing address, confusion may occur about choosing the right one. While for most of the people online method is more preferable, old school people find offline postal method to be more convenient. Though the end result remains the same, viz., updating your address, nevertheless there’s difference in the hazards related to the corresponding procedures.

We would advise you to choose online mode over the offline one because the online procedure is solely dependent on you. You can update your address at your convenience and you don’t have to wait upon the workers of the post office. For instance the post office remain closed in the night time. But you can easily update your address online after you get back from office at night. Further the postal procedure takes more time to generate. You cannot shift until the validation letter reaches your old address. This may require more than 10 days while the online procedure generally gets completed within 5 days.

Also, in online portal you don’t need to carry any paper work with you or submit them manually after standing in a long queue. Considering all these aspects, online mode of changing address seems to be more convenient and comfortable rather than the offline postal way of changing address.

Why choose us?

Moving to a new place does not only mean shifting your furniture. You are carrying an entire life as you are moving. Change Of Address Online values this emotion and makes your move effortless and smooth. You must select us if you categorize yourself within any of the following categories:

  • If you are lacking time and you require changing multiple address at once.
  • If you are tired of doing it manually and still not done away with it.

If you fall into any of these categories then you are at the right place. Change Of Address Online is here to assist you completely – right from filling up forms to successfully changing your mailing address.

Inexpensive – We ensures a cheap yet effective change of address. You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks for changing your or your entire family’s address.

Easy online filling aid – No matter whether you want to change your address to a temporary or a permanent one, the easy moving services of Change Of Address Online will help you in every possible way.

Available 24x7 – Unlike post office, Change Of Address Online is available right next to you the entire time.

Why use a Mailing Address Change Service?

If you are scaring away from using mailing address change service then you must read this passage. It will help to clarify your doubts. A Mailing Address Change service is more efficient than an individual because of their efficient workers who are habituated in working in this field for long time. They also ensure a quality work so you must not worry about missing any details.

If you belong to any of the below mentioned categories you must choose a mailing address change service –

  • If you remain busy in your job and you don’t have much time to devote in any other work.
  • If you belong to old school and are not well equipped with online mode of changing mailing address. In such case you must not take risk and rather contact a reputed mailing address changing service.
  • If you are new at this and not well versed with the terminologies associated with changing address.
  • If you want a full proof successful work at your first attempt. Then you must take aid of such service providing agency.

Bear in mind that changing of address requires minute details and one needs to have impeccable knowledge in this field so as to do the work smoothly. A Mailing Address Changing Service works with automated software. So the probability of making any mistake reduces to a great extent. Further it takes lesser time and you don’t need to take extra burden. You can indulge into selecting the right designs of your new furniture while the mailing address change service takes care of this tedious work.

US Postal Mail Forwarding Services

Whether you are making a temporary or a permanent move, USPS postal mail and package forwarding services come in handy while sending your mail at your door.

You can use this service if you are making a permanent move. You can also take the advantage of this service even for as less as fifteen days. If you plan to take the advantage of this service for a whole year then you need to extend the ongoing service after the successful completion of 6 months.

With the help of this service you can easily direct your mail to any new address simply with some clicks and you will be credited as little as $1.05 for the entire transaction. This charge actually verifies your identity.

Once the payment is done all of your mails will be sent in shorter pieces to your new address.

Along with your mails you will also receive a welcome kit to your new address which will contain offers and coupons with their partners. These offers will utterly help you while decorating your new house or buying regular items at your new home.

You can also choose to opt for Premium Forwarding Service. This will cost you a little more but you can expect faster shipping via the Priority Mail service. Here you need to enrol with a registration fees for a single time and then you have to pay weekly fees. You can use it for as less as 2 weeks to 1 year. But this Premium Forwarding Service costs higher than the Regular Forwarding Service.

In Premium Forwarding Service the enrolment fee is $21.10 as retail charge. However you can choose to enrol online with $19.35 as well. After this you need to pay $21.10 for every week of service. Most of the mails are packed every Wednesday and shipped to you within 3 business days. You can track the entire shipment procedure through the email notification containing a unique tracking number for each week.

Unlike the Regular Forwarding Service, Priority Mail packages are never held back at any point od time. They are routed directly to you.

Why to choose USPS for address updating?

United State Postal Service is the official site for changing your address. Once you choose to update your address with USPS you can be assured that your mails, subscribed magazines, bank, electric, gas and credit card bills, parcels – everything will be reached to your new address efficiently.

USPS is cost effective as well. You need to submit $1.50 to verify your identity once you seek to change address through USPS. But if you intend to use any third party website then you may have to go through several other hazards. Most often than not these third party websites will cost you much more. You may have to pay more $40 or $50 for changing your mailing address.

Often they even turn out to be fraudulent. So your personal database will be insecure and can also be exposed to other sites which are harmful for your privacy. You computer may also be prone to virus attack due to such inadvertent fraud websites.

How USPS works?

Once a consumer deposits a letter in a collection box, the postal carrier takes it out and drops it in his or her allocated post office. Now another mailman collects that mail or courier from the post office and takes it to a mail processing plant through transport system.

Then the postal workers run these letters through an automatic machine which separates the mails according to its shapes and also separates the letters from their big envelops. A postal mark along with date is imprinted over them in such a way that the stamp cannot be reused.

After a thorough scanning the bar code is identified and imprinted on the mails. Then the letters are placed with other mails dedicated for a particular ZIP code range. These are taken particular carrier through effective transport system.

Next the mails are taken to concerned post office of a ZIP code range where the letters and mails are again separated and allocated to the mailmen.

The carrier or mailman then drives with the letters and delivers the mails to concerned address.

Change of Address checklist

Once you determine to change your address you need to notify the following agencies other than your relatives and friends so as to avoid any further inconvenience.

Post office

You will receive all your mails or parcels through the local post office. So you must inform them about your relocation. If you update your change of address online you can even denote a specific date when you will be moving to new address so that all of your mails will be directed to your new address henceforth.

Tax agencies

You need to notify both the federal revenue agency as well as the state tax agency of your new address. You can fill up the form provided by IRS (Internal Revenue Service) in order to notify them about your current address. But if you intend to inform your state tax agency you need to search your specific state government website.

Gas and Electric

These are essential for every household. So don’t forget to inform them when you intend to a different place.

Phone, Cable, internet or other utilities

Once you stop inhabiting your previous location you must inform your service provider to stop their respective services. Similarly once you shift to a new place you need to contact new service providers so as to sustain the service at your household.

Insurance company

If you have any insurance policy you need to inform the policy providers of your relocation. This will enable them to send annual policy statement to your new address.

Your Employer

Hiding your current address to your office is not only unethical but also illegal. So you must keeo your employer updated about your change of address.

Your credit card company and bank

You need to call the concerned authority to know if they have any online facility through which you can upload your new address. If not then make sure to manually update your new address in your credit card and bank passbook.

United State Postal Service Customer Service Complaints System

You can use the complaint forms in order to lodge a complaint against the following charges:

  • Injury compensation fraud
  • Contract fraud
  • Narcotics
  • Embezzlement and financial crimes
  • kickbacks
  • Theft of items from parcel
  • Employee misconduct
  • Destruction of mail
  • Internal affairs
  • Whistleblower reprisal

You can also lodge a complaint for late arrival, mis-delivery or customer service issue.

U.S Mailing Service FAQ

Who does notify of my address change?

USPS does not notify any of your correspondents of any temporary address change. If you change your address permanently then the mailers who endorse mail as “Address Service Requested” or “Do not forward” will be notified of your latest address.

Will the information I submit remain secure and confidential?

Your personal information will be absolutely secured with us. We maintain our loyal policy extremely carefully.

How can I be sure my address change has been processed correctly?

Once you sign up and log in to your account you will be able to track the status of the address changing procedure. For final confirmation you will be sent a confirmation letter to your old address, a validation letter to your new address and a welcome kit to your new address. Once you receive these things you can expect to receive all the further mails and parcels in your new address.

What if I used your service, but my mail keeps going to old address?

You will never face such trouble with Change Of Address Online. Customers are our first priority. You can be assured that all your mails will be routed to your address. Try it once; you will not regret the result.

Is there a fee to change your address online?

United State Postal Service charges $1 in order to validate your identity. If you use online system you will have to provide a nominal transaction fees. This depends from every site to site. Change Of Address Online charges you the minimum price for changing address online.

Who can use the change of address system?

Anyone residing in US can seek to change their address. If you have an address in US then you are eligible to apply for changing your address. You may change your old address to a temporary or a permanent address as per your requirement.

What will I need to change my address?

All you need is a valid email id and your credit or debit card to change your mailing address online. You will be charged $1 by USPS to validate your identity. You will receive a confirmation mail shortly.

If you intend to change your address manually then you will have to go to the local post office and collect a Change Of Address Online packet. Inside this packet you will find a PS form 3575. Fill up the form and submit to the post office counter. You will receive a confirmation letter shortly after this.

Can I use a post office box for temporary mailing address?

You can definitely ask your local post office to change your address temporarily. Until your new address is confirmed you can request the post office workers to hold your mail for this short time period. However this service is not available at all the post offices so you must individually enquire after this.

Will I be able to confirm that my change of address was updated successfully?

Yes of course. If you change your mailing address online then you can readily check the status of approval and confirmation. If you manually change it through post office system, even then there’s distinct way of confirming whether your address is updated successfully.

You will receive a confirmation letter to your old address within 10 working days so you must not move to your new address within that time. After this you will also receive a validation letter as well as a welcome kit to your new address. The welcome kit will contain surprising offers and discount coupons which you may use in order to buy several items for your new home.

You can even ask any of your friends or relatives to send you any letter or parcel to the new address. This is another way to confirm that your change of address is successful and your new address is authenticated by USPS.


Beware from the fraud third party websites and instead use Change Of Address Online to efficiently change your mailing address. This will not take more than 5 to 10 days and is extremely cost effective. We are available here for 24x7 time. Just fill up our form for any query or for contacting us. This will also save much time by changing your address online. Because the manual form fill up and submission in post office requires profuse time and is not preferable to most of the people. Use our service and embrace your home changing with a new cheerful spirit. For getting more information, just visit our about us page.

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